Saturday, November 30, 2019



This article about donation will carry two parts.

First part will be regarding donation and

The second part will be what to donate regarding particular planet.

So this is the first part:

What is donation?

Should we donate?

If yes then how?

When to donate?

How much?

Where and whom?

Donation means act of charity. Donation means gift or contribution to some charitable organisations or to the people who need or deserve.

It is very good gesture to donate money or things but we see that people follow it without any knowledge and some people just follow the others blindly. In Fact it is a double edge sword. It can make or mar the life of a person who is running on this path. So, one should be very particular while acting on it.

In Hindu religion donation or donating things to religious places, organisations or to the needy and deserving people is very important. This has been very much linked with our past karmas. The importance of it has been elaborately written in our old Vedic shastras. Also written here who should and who should not donate.

Should we donate?

Yes. By donating something we can improve and get the positive results or blessings of the planets which are unfavorable or against in our horoscope. These favorable and unfavorable planets can be judged thru our horoscope. Before taking this step one must analyze the horoscope because a small donation may go against your stars and may create problem in your smooth, happy and prosperous life. As I have already said that this is a double edge sword. So be careful and be intelligent before donating anything.

When to donate?

We generally see that people are donating it very frequently and on daily basis. This should not be done. Who wants to donate he should first of all analyze the horoscope and must know which are the planets favorable and unfavorable. Favorable planets always help and improve the life, but the unfavorable planets which always hinder, harm and bring miseries in life.

When the dasha of some unfavorable planets is set in, it will bring tension, depression, hindrance in progress and miseries in life. So during that unfavorable dasha or time period one must donate related things of that particular planet to ease one’s life.  

How much to donate?

There are different views about how much one should donate?

In my views there is no limit. It can be done with a pinch of a particular thing and can be with maunds of it. The amount and quantity does not matter. What matter is one’s intention? In Fact if you have good intention and doing this deed with full devotion, you will get success. Whereas your action is without devotion and cribbing latter on then it is of no use. No results will come. 

So never concentrate on amount and quantity but on intention only.

Where and to whom should donate?

Donation should be offered to the needy and really poor people. It should be to the handicapped, elderly, sick, small children etc. One should not donate to drunker, thief, beggar, gambler, cheater etc.

To the religious places, organisations, education institutions, hospitals, cremation places, old age homes, children places etc. If one is offering to the religious places or deity it is called offering and not donation.   

Bottom line is that one must be very careful what one is donating. Double edge sword must be carefully handled. Hope in future one will consult horoscope and then donate anything. Again I say that don’t do it blindly. Be careful.

Get consultation from some expert and then do it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019



One must be aware that for easy flow of cash and customer in any business center there are certain direction which keeps the flow smooth and easy. When one don’t care for the directions, hurdles and hindrances prevails in business then it becomes difficult to achieve desired growth.

Besides other things in business premises, cash counter plays a positive and major role to generate flow of wealth and customers. If this is placed in a positive direction the graph of business will grow otherwise facing obstacles and hindrances in business.

As per vastu the best zones of the cash counter is north or east directions. Here one will find the positive results and growth of business.

If this is placed in south or southwest zones or any negative zone, it will give negative results. Here vastu remedies can play a major role to counter the negative energies to achieve the desired growth in business.

Goals can always be achieved with the help of Vastu.

Sunday, September 29, 2019



Good health is the key to the happy life. According to vastu sink in kitchen plays an important role because its flow of water. As water produces energy, if placed in the best direction it generates the positive energy which leads to happy and prosperous life. So it becomes to balance this energy.

According to vastu the best situated direction of sink, water bottle or water dispenser, it is north east. The base or slab color should be yellow, orange or light green. These will enhance the positive energies.

If the sink is situated in any other corner, it will generate negative energies which are not good for the household. In that case one must go for remedies for the sink to avoid negative effects.

Always consult vastu expert in case of need.

Friday, August 30, 2019



Related image

There is a big question that where should one place BLACK TIGER in house?

People have different views.

Infact the tiger is a firocious animal and such statues shoiuld be avoided in the house. If wants to keep then always keep in the front gate which reflects that it is guardng or protecting the house. It always keeps its eye on its prey and always in a postion as if pounced upon it.

If you place these tiger in proper place you will get the positive results. Peace and prosperity will be in the house. If there is any defect in the corner or direction and placing these tigers will remove the negative effects of the corner.

Since the statue has three properties:
1.    Stone material.
2.    Heavy in weight and
3.    Black in color.

So always take care of these three things.

Being it a heavy material and stone it should be placed in south, south west and west.

When one goes for color it should be placed in north and west.

But the best place is if one places this piece in the west corner it will give the best result. If anybody wants to place in other corners then one must do remedies and then this BLACK TIGER should be placed and then one can get the best results.

So before placing this BLACK TIGER in other then west corner be careful.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019



Dhan laxmi or Laxmi yog is formed when Moon (Chander) and Mars (Mangal) are in same house in horoscope. It is considered very auspicious and makes the person rich and famous. There is no dearth of money and luxuries in life.

This Laxmi yog gives results only when both are in friends or good house. If either is in bad or enemy house this yog does not work.

Moon (Chander) and Mars (Mangal) if in 6th, 8th or 12th house, this yog does not work.

If Moon (Chander) and Mars (Mangal) are in debilitated or neech house this will not work.

If Moon (Chander) and Mars (Mangal) are Ast with Sun even then this will not work.

Mars (Mangal) is hot grah and Moon (Chander) is very cool. They are also very good friend and when the battle in house 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th the Mangal dosh is cancelled.

When Mars (Mangal) and Moon (Chander) are face to face they make Luxmi yog and Kemdrum dosh is dissolves.

These are some of the points where Laxmi yog does not work. There are more points also where it works and where it does not give favorable results.

So before explaining one must read the horoscope extensively and only then the predictions should be made.

Saturday, June 29, 2019



Panch Mahapursh yog is very important in Vedic Astrology. Shash yog is one of them. 
It is formed when Saturn (Shani) is in own sign in center 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, and in its Uch Rashi (Exalted sign). Saturn’s own rashis are Capricorn and Aquarius (Dhanu and Kumb) and its Uch Rashi (Exalted sign) is Libra (Tula).

People having Shash yog in their kundli (Horoscope), achieve very high position in life but the progress will be slow. They are very intelligent and deep thinker. They achieve popular in society. Such people are rich and judicious.

The person will be having such business in which many workers will be under him. He gives instructions and control them. They are very confidential.

This will give positive results only when these are free from other ill or negative Grah (Stars). Even negative Grah sitting with or aspecting changes the results.

So, one should go thru overall horoscope, before predicting the results. 

Friday, May 31, 2019



Shuker Grah (Venus Sign) forms the Malavya yog when this grah (Sign) is in 1st, 4th, 7th,10th houses in his own Grah  (signs)  or in  its Uch grah (Exalted Sign). Its own Grah (Signs) are Vrashab (Taurus) and Tula (Libra) and its Uch grah (Exalted Sign) is Meen (Pisces).

Those who are born in Malavya Yog are very intelligent, beautiful, attractive, intelligent, highly educated, rich etc. Luxuries and material goods and prosperity are in abundance in Malavya Yog. The persons lead a very rich life.

Under this other planets also play big role. It should not be afflicted with negative planets. If it is so then the results will be different. If this is under the influence of good and favourable planets then the person will lead a rich and prosperous life no doubt.

Therefore when Shuker Grah (Venus Sign) makes the Malavya yog it brings luxury, richness, beauty, intelligence etc. in life.