Thursday, October 29, 2020




One of the basic question comes to astrologers is of finance, wealth, to be rich and if rich then how much wealth one can have etc.

Yes, this question can be answered very easily just judging the different houses. No doubt there are some houses belong to wealth, but other houses also plays equal part while judging wealth.

There are different houses in horoscope which depicts wealth e.g. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th.

2nd house in horoscope tells the self earned wealth and deposited in bank as fixed deposit.

4th house indicates property, land, vehicles and inherited wealth.

5th house reflects gambling, speculation, unexpected gains etc.

7th house indicates daily earning and business.

Hidden treasure, deals and wealth from in laws etc. is seen from 8th house.

9th house is of your luck.

11th house indicates the savings gathered from 10th house.

Out of all these houses the second house and the eleventh house are the main houses of wealth as second house is called Dhan Bhav (Wealth house) and the eleventh house is called Labh Bhav (Gain house).


How to get amass wealth from these two houses it all depends upon the Rashies (Zodiac sign) and Graha (Planet) placed in these houses. The strength of the planet indicates how much financial prosperity can be achieved. These two houses attract tremendous wealth in life if positive.

Ascendant (Lagan lord) must be strong and positive. Every thing in horoscope (Kundly) depends on first lord Lagan (Ascendant). It should not be Ast (Combust), Neech (Deblitated), degree wise it should be strong; it should not be in 6th, 8th or 12th houses etc. If Lagan lord is under the cloud of above factors then the results will be different.

Now 2nd and 11th lords should be in their own houses.

These two lords should aspect their houses.

If the exalted lords are sitting in these houses, result will be good.

Two lords exchange the houses are good.

Degree must be strong of these two lords.

Lords of these two houses should not sit in 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Lords of these two houses should not be combust.

Conjunction of these two lords should be in some positive houses, in Trikona or in Kendra houses.

These are some of the factors with which one can achieve good results from 2nd and 11th houses.

Monday, September 28, 2020



Wealth lines are different from wealth signs in palm as written earlier.

Everyone wants to lead a rich, wealthy and comfortable life. But does everyone achieve it. Let us search from the lines of palm because these lines show how much wealth is in life.

Small line between Pinky finger and Apollo finger means inheritance wealth.

Union line meets the Sun line means getting rich partner in life and also wealth.

When a progress line rises from life line and shoots towards Saturn mount it will be an opportunity like promotion or wealth luck in life.

Head line, heart line, head line, fate line and life line makes a sign of M. It means that the person will be wealthy after marriage in middle age.

Trident is auspicious symbol. When it forms on fate line it indicates promotion or great wealth.

Fate line if it is very clear and dark it means that a person can earn wealth thru his efforts in life. Fate line is not a wealth line but shows how much one is interested in achieving wealth thru his efforts. If it begins from inside the fate line, means he will earn wealth with the help of his family members and relatives. If it begins from mount of Luna this means that he can earn from third persons like friends and society but with hard work.

Sun line also represents wealth but person will have to make sincere efforts to achieve the goals.

Finance line which is a small vertical line at the base of Mercury finger on Mercury mount. It attracts lot of wealth in life.

Great triangle, made with fate line, wealth line and head line. This triangle attracts lot of wealth.

Any influence line emerging from Luna mount touching fate line is a sign of coming any influence person in life which will attract money also.

These are some of the lines on palm which attract wealth. But the biggest principle along with it is one have to do sincere, hard and continuous efforts in life.

Any further information regarding palmistry, can contact at any time.

Friday, August 28, 2020



Today I will discuss here wealth signs on palm and not wealth line on palm. As for wealth lines on palm I will discuss in near future.

When we find star sign on first bracelet, it means wealth in life.

Star on mount of Jupiter along with star on Venus mount denotes extraordinary success and wealth.

Star on mount of Apollo. Here some palmists say just go and buy a lottery, such is the assurance given by them but in my view it surely brings wind fall of money in one’s life.

Star on line of Apollo also denotes lot of wealth.

Triangles form on life line means wealth at the age where these are formed.

Sign of fish also denotes lot of money. Just check the tip of the fish where it is showing. If the tip is towards pinky finger it means that the money will come from business. If it is towards Apollo finger then come from art and creative sides.

These are some of the signs on palm which tells about wealth in one’s life.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020



In horoscope there are 12 houses which start from 1st house and go to 12th house anticlockwise. Each house is having 30 degrees and the 12 houses consist of 360 degrees. The border line of each house is having sandhi lagna because when it leaves and enters the next house the lagan is changed. Sandhi lagna takes place when the lagna changes the house i.e. when it leaves the house and its degree is 29 – 30 and the next lagna when it enters is having degree 0-1. The lagna having 29-30 degree it is called Mrita avasth (Dead state) of lagna and when 0-1 degree it is called Baalya avastha (Childhood state).

Sandhi lagna is not considered good as the person is always in a confusing mind which is the ruling planet and how should I get the results. In this lagan the person is having dual character because of two planets.

Under this lagna one should not wear any stone because in one lagna a planet is auspicious and when checked the next lagna the same planet can be inauspicious.

Donation also a big No. Because that planet might be auspicious and by donating one is reducing the auspicious results.

The best remedy is to chant Beej Mantra of the planet you want to enhance its power.

If you are in sandhi lagna born, can contact me for best remedies.

Saturday, June 27, 2020



When all the seven planets, SUN, MOON, MARS, MERCURY, JUPITER, VENUS and SATURN are placed in 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th house along with the Lagan (Ascendent) in 2nd house, this will make SIMHASANA YOGA. We may find in many horoscopes (Kundlies) but they all do not give the results of Simhasana yoga. Some conditions are to be fulfilled like:

Lagan and other planets should not be Ast (Combust) with Sun in degree wise.

Degree of Lagan and other planets should not be 0,1 or 28, 29.

Lagan and other planets should not be in Neech (Debilitated).

As per Rahu and Ketu planets are concerned they have no role in it. They are shadow planets. Their placements least effect.

When all the planets are strong and auspicious only then results will be achieved, any one planet becomes marak then the results will differ.

In Simhasana yoga the person lead a life of king. He will achieve success, confidence, courage, health, wealth, fame, reputation, talent etc.

If anyone have this yoga wish him good luck, but if any one not getting desired results can contact me. But do achieve and enjoy life if it is there.

Saturday, May 30, 2020



Many enquiries has come regarding large gaps in fingers while opening the hand in relaxed position in palmistry. So today I will explain the meaning of this large space. In Samudrik Shastra it has been extensively explained.

While in relaxed position there is large space in your fingers means that you are open hearted, open to new ideas and independent etc. in life.

While opening the hand there is large space between Small (Pinki) finger and Ring finger or say that the Small finger is going outwards it means your thinking is independent and speak very freely without any fear and hesitation. No opinion or interference are welcomed.

The large space between your Ring finger and Saturn finger, it tells that you shirk the responsibility in life. Always avoid the family responsibility. You never have any future planning. This is due to avoiding responsibilities and long term thinking.

The large gap, while opening the hand, between Jupiter finger and Saturn finger tells about independent thinking. You may listen to everybody but the final decision is from your inner mind, which is final and unchangeable. As an independent thinker you may dislike interference of opinion or thought from others. This may lead you to be a stubborn personality.

I will be glad to reply if you have any query about this blog.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020



Looking at the nail of thumb, may find half moon also called lunula at the bottom of nail. This shape reveals much about health and health of the person and nothing with palmistry or astrology. Finger nails indicate health, vitality, weakness and deficiencies.

Doctors having knowledge of Ayurveda or Homeopathy can explain the health, emotion and vitality of a person just looking at nails and in olden days this is the way to judge and prescribe medicine.

A well formed pink in color and smooth surface of half moon indicates good health, vitality and stamina. Traditional doctors of China believed that this half moon on thumb nail represent the level of energy in body. A healthy body is having a large and well formed lunula where as it fades away when energy is low.  

So this half moon or lunula is the barometer of measuring health, vitality and stamina of a person.